Liberty's Gaze receives Best of Show Award in 34th Annual Mini-Works on Paper


They are small works of art, only the size of a dollar bill, but the interest was big among people at the exhibit opening May 2 in Hammond Hall Gallery on the JSU campus. Viewers who came to see the art at the 34th Annual Mini-Works on Paper lingered and conversed over the intricate works that fascinated them most........The Best of Show Award went to Jason Stout of Martin, Tenn., for his pen and ink, “Liberty’s Gaze.”

Martin Soundscape Project Re-invented


Weakley County Press, April 20th, 2012 by Sabrina Bates

Local artists have taken an abstract concept and brought it to life. After a few years in the making, the evolution of what has been known as a “sculptural soundscape” has been revived on paper.
The new design, courtesy of UT Martin arts professor Jason Stout, local potter Clint Riley, and UT Martin music professor Julie Hill, boasts three elements of appeal.
The “playable art” plans to be aesthetic in nature, while providing visitors with visual, audio and interactive components.  

Local Artists Receive Awards in Annual Icehouse Show

From The Weakley County Press:  Local Artists Receive Awards In Annual Icehouse Show

“Impressions 2011,” Mayfield/Graves County Ky. Art Guild’s annual juried show, is now on display at the Ice House Gallery, 120 North 8th St in Mayfield, Ky. until Nov. 30. This is the 20th year for the show and it has been a popular show for artists of this region.
Fifty-eight artists from Kentucky and Tennessee submitted over 115 entries to be considered for this year’s show and 77 pieces were selected for the show by Dale Leys, professor of art at Murray (Ky.) State University.....Jason Stout, also of Martin, won the John Cook Memorial Award for first place in drawing for “See See Rider.”

The Surreal State of the Union: Stout's Politically Charged Paintings Project Our Future

From the article written by Steve Bennett with the San Antonio Express:

.....At the most basic level, Stout questions American society's definition of the heroic, post 9/11, in his politically charged, brilliantly colored new work. “Metro Invocation,” a day-glo riot, deals with our ongoing response to the decade-old tragedy, “post-hysteria.” A jet flying into a building is a central element of the picture, but placed in the background with a cartoonish explosion. A beleaguered Statue of Liberty and a top-hatted fat cat reminiscent of Rich Uncle Pennybags, the Monopoly man, look on, the former in horror, the latter inscrutably.... “Metro Invocation,” like its cousin “Liberty's Morning of Mourning,” represents the “push and pull” of right/left ideology, says Stout, something we have all become all too familiar with these days.

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Jason Stout Wins First Prize for "Lo's Look" in 32nd Annual Mini-Works on Paper


Jason Stout won First Prize for his drawing entitled, "Lo’s Look," at the 32nd Annual Mini-Works on Paper Exhibition at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama.  An exhibit of selected works, including "Los Look," will be on display at the Jacksonville State University Art Gallery from May 5, 2011 until the closing of the exhibition on June 2, 2011.

Art Show Draws Curiosity & Conversation

by Meghan Green for The Pacer, Volume 78, Issue 6.

Faculty Jason Stout's exhibit was presented in the lobby of the Fine Arts this week with a variety of work in paint and pen and ink.

According to Stout... “There is a loose narrative in the work about the range of social classes that make up the sociological struggle for what is the southern heroic. The work deals with concepts of race, identity, political orientations, social class, the environment, war, drugs, and southern stereotypes, while existing in a comic and surrealistic visual language.

Read more of this article including a description of how Stout incorporates local TN hero, Davy Crockett into his work.