The Surreal State of the Union: Stout's Politically Charged Paintings Project Our Future

From the article written by Steve Bennett with the San Antonio Express:

.....At the most basic level, Stout questions American society's definition of the heroic, post 9/11, in his politically charged, brilliantly colored new work. “Metro Invocation,” a day-glo riot, deals with our ongoing response to the decade-old tragedy, “post-hysteria.” A jet flying into a building is a central element of the picture, but placed in the background with a cartoonish explosion. A beleaguered Statue of Liberty and a top-hatted fat cat reminiscent of Rich Uncle Pennybags, the Monopoly man, look on, the former in horror, the latter inscrutably.... “Metro Invocation,” like its cousin “Liberty's Morning of Mourning,” represents the “push and pull” of right/left ideology, says Stout, something we have all become all too familiar with these days.

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